The staff at Hairini Family Health Centre. are focussed on making sure all adults have been offered the following important vaccines for disease prevention and healthy ageing.

Influenza: Everyone should consider an annual influenza vaccine to reduce the chance of contracting and sharing influenza. Influenza can be a very serious disease. Every year there are many cases of pneumonia as a result of influenza, and many reported deaths. Flu vaccine is funded for 65yrs and over, as well in some younger patients with risk factors. Please ask us if you qualify for a free Flu vaccination.                          

Unfunded Charge $35.00             


Tetanus-Diphtheria: Administration of this combined vaccine simplifies tetanus related wound management and helps prevent Diphtheria. As part of the National Immunization programme you are offered a Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccine at the age of 45 & 65 years.                                                               

Charge is $30 
Tetanus – Diphtheria-Whooping Cough: The addition of the Pertussis (whooping cough) component in the vaccine is especially important if you have contact with small babies and children. Having this vaccine will protect big and little people from the devastating impact of whooping cough.                       

Unfunded Charge $65.00

Shingles: If you’ve had chicken pox, and most New Zealanders have, you’re carrying the virus that causes shingles. The virus that causes chicken pox can re-emerge as shingles at any time. As we age, the consequences of shingles can be more serious, sometimes resulting in long periods of intense pain. The Shingles vaccine can be used from 50yrs and over. It is a funded vaccine at age 65 yrs otherwise is self funded                                                                                          

Unfunded Charge $300.00 each
requires 2 vaccines

Pneumococcal Disease: This important vaccine group protects you against Pneumococcal disease and perhaps more importantly invasive pneumococcal disease or (IPD). IPD usually results in hospitalisation. The bacterium which causes pneumococcal disease can cause disease of the bloodstream, brain and lungs. There are two vaccines available to help prevent Pneumococcal disease. They are funded for patients with high risk factors. Please ask us if you qualify.                                                                                          

Unfunded Charge PCV13 $205.00                      
Unfunded Charge Pneumovax 23 $84.00

For the best cover, it is recommended that the PCV13 is given first , then followed one- two months later by the Pneumovax 23
Note: The costs include additional nurse administration charge. All prices include GST.

Immunisation for adults is important. Please talk to the Nurse or Doctor about your Immunisation requirements.